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Drafting and Notarizing 'Legal Capacity to Marry' for Foreigners in the Philippines

When marrying in the Philippines, foreign nationals often need a "Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage" document. If you can't get this from your consulate, you can draft one yourself and have it notarized. This document should include your personal details, marital status, eligibility to marry according to your home country's laws, intention to marry a specific person in the Philippines, and your signature. After writing, it must be notarized. Check with Philippine legal professionals or government agencies to ensure it meets all requirements.
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Contract to Sell vs. Deed of Sale: A Guide for Philippine Real Estate

In the Philippines, the Contract to Sell and the Deed of Sale are key documents in property transactions, each serving different purposes. Contract to Sell: It's an initial agreement where the seller agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to buy property under specific conditions. The seller maintains ownership until these conditions are fulfilled. Common in pre-selling properties or when immediate full payment isn't possible. It must detail names, property address, description, price, and other terms. Deed of Sale: This legal document records the transfer of property ownership from the seller to the buyer. Ownership transfers immediately upon executing this agreement. Types include Absolute Sale (unconditional ownership transfer) and Conditional Sale (ownership transfers after conditions like full payment are met). It requires detailed information about the parties, the property, and payment terms. Key Differences: Ownership Transfer : The Contract to Sell doesn't transfer ow

Transferring Property Ownership in the Philippines

Step 1: Notarization of Sale Deed Location: Notary Public Requirements: Original Title Tax Declaration IDs of Seller and Buyer Personal appearance or Special Power of Attorney (SPA) Fee: 1-2% of Selling Price Key Outcome: Notarized Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS) Step 2: Tax Payment at Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Location: Bureau of Internal Revenue Requirements: BIR Forms 1706 and 2000 TINs of Seller and Buyer Notarized DOAS (both Photocopy and Original) Tax Declaration Certified True Copy of Title SPA if needed Fees: Capital Gains Tax: 6% Documentary Stamp Tax: 1. 5% Key Outcome: Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) Step 3: Transfer Tax Payment Location: City Treasurer's Office or Assessor's Office Requirements: Tax Declaration Certified True Copy of Title Notarized DOAS IDs, SPA if needed Fee: 0. 5% in municipalities, 0. 75% in cities Key Outcomes: Tax Clearance Transfer Tax Receipt Step 4: Title Regist